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When you purchase today you get:

  • Developer rights (meaning you can use the software on your clients sites)
  • Videos to help you get the plugin up and running
  • Pro designed Call to action button library
  • 2 Built in custom made "themes"
  • Detailed videos to help you get started within minutes

Go from a brand new WP site, to a content
packed commission machine in 4 steps...

Watch as I build a full site LIVE...in just 5 minutes!

WP Dollar 3.0 is THE most powerful store builder on the market for Amazon.
In 5 minutes, you just saw me build an entire, fully functional , beautiful affiliate store.

How much do you think it would cost to have a web developer make that for you?
Well, no need to guess. I posted a live job to see what the cost would be....and it wasn't pretty!

Do you want to pay over a GRAND to set your site up?

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Do you want to get a slice of the action from the worlds most trusted e-commerce platform?

Whether you’re looking for a simple way to create 5, 10, or even 15 money making Amazon stores in the next hour…

… or simply turn your flat-lining blog into a virtual cash machine…

… WP Dollar 3 is the only tool you’ll need to bank big bucks as an Amazon affiliate…

… giving you the ultimate shortcut to Amazon income.

In fact…

When you own a tool like WP Dollar 3, it’s almost cheating! Instant Amazon Ads

Instantly display any size or style Amazon ad, showing the best-selling Amazon products in your niche, saving you hours of product research and technical chores.

  • Multiple Ad Types (Carousel, Review Posts, Text Ads, Banners, In-text Hover Ads, Recommended Products, Product Search Ads)
  • Multiple Display Positions. Your ads will slot into any website layout.
  • Unlimited Customization. Make your ads fit in but stand out.
  • 20+ High Converting Buy Now Buttons. Get more clicks and more money from every single ad.
  • Intelligent Product Selection. No more hours of product research.
  • Add To Cart Option. Boost conversions and encourage checkouts in a powerful new way.
  • 90 day cookies. Make sure your hard work pays off and that you get credited for your affiliate clicks.
  • Unlimited Campaigns. Create as many ads or complete stores as your bank manager can handle!

Automatic content creation(now including video!)

No more manual content creation. WP Dollar instantly curates and loads your website with product specific images, reviews, details description right from Amazon and youtube video. Just enter a keyword and click "create posts".

You can…

  • Manually or Automatically Schedule & Create 100's Of Posts
  • Select Multiple Products And Schedule Them For Publishing
  • Find post content based on Amazon keywords or ASIN
  • Run Unlimited Campaigns

Raw SEO power

Get indexed and ranked faster than ever with WP Dollar’s powerful suite of SEO tools, working in the background to bring you all the free search engine traffic you can handle.

  • Advanced 404 pages
  • Canonical Tags
  • Sitemaps and XML sitemaps on autopilot
  • Pingler (ping search engines and other services when a new post is published)
  • Intelligent Duplicate Post checker
  • Easy backlinking via Onlywire
  • Unlimited FB, Twitter and linked-in social back-linking on autopilot
  • Simple link cloaker
  • Simple Local Redirection (if a user from Germany lands on a Store build for US people, the buy now button will redirect user to German Amazon site if he wants)

..we even include specially built
WP Dollar Themes...

WP Dollar 3.0 works with any theme, but we included our own specially built one for the ultimate WP Dollar site.

But what about Mobile and Facebook traffic?

Don't sweat it. We built WP Dollar 3.0 and the WP Dollar theme with smartlink technology. This means your WP Dollar site works seamlessly on mobile and Facebook....all from the same site!

Check out our UNRIVALLED features

  • WP Dollar 3.0 comes with 2 built in themes so you can create unique stores
  • Advanced 404 pages, Canonical Tags, Sitemaps and XML sitemaps on autopilot, Pingler, Intelligent Duplicate Post checker, Google Analytics integration
  • Post campaigns: enter your keywords and auto-build fully loaded content filled posts for your blog, taking content from amazon and youtube
  • Supports all 10 Amazon countries
  • Post campaigns works with keyword and ASIN
  • Post campaign can be automatically created or manually created. Set campaigns to drip feed, and schedule them in advance so your blog grows on autopilot and naturally.
  • Relevant youtube videos auto-added to posts
  • Amazon reviews are included in the post for "social proof"
  • 20+ buynow buttons
  • Improved and Advanced text ads that appear throughout your blog
  • Intext ads: these are overlay ads that appear when a user hovers over a keyword you define
  • Banner Ads with unlimited banners option
  • Amazon Search ads
  • Recommended Product ads
  • Carousel Ads
  • Organically grow traffic by automatically sharing your posts to 50+ social sites through our direct integration with Onlywire
  • Unlimited FB, Twitter and linked­In social back­linking on autopilot. Hands free.
  • Google Analytics integration
  • Internal WP Dollar Analytics system for tracking clicks and traffic on ads
  • 90 day cookies to ensure you get credit for your sales
  • "Add to Cart" option so customers can continue to browse your site, adding what they want
  • Link cloaking to keep affiliate links secure
  • Complete FB Store system: this is like a whole new app on its own. WP Dollars built in themes create FB-ready stores that display perfectly in Fb Pages.
  • Smartlink URL's so FB Stores also work on Mobile devices
  • Simple Local Redirection (if a user from Germany lands on a Store built for US people, the buy now button will redirect user to German Amazon site if he wants)
  • Compatible with all leading other wordpress themes and ecommerce themes.

And unlike other Amazon plugins and tools, WP Dollar 3 is...

  • Easier to use. Every feature is self-explanatory and there’s no need to mess with code. This cuts down on training time and gets you straight into the action.
  • Compatible with all WordPress themes and plugins. No more breakdowns, glitches or weird bugs. Runs smoothly, no matter what WP version you’re using or plugins you’re running.
  • Available in any Amazon supported country! Now you can make money outside the US… and in any country where Amazon Associates are allowed to operate.

Seeing is believing!

Let’s take a look at WP Dollar 3 in action…

Look, we’ll be honest here…

If you’re not making money from your blog or Amazon store, it’s probably not your fault…

With so many products and niches to target, your income potential is practically unlimited…

… and unlike digital products, the competition is way lower and the search volume is way higher.

Problem is…

Creating blogs (or complete Amazon stores) is hard work!

All that product research…

writing, formatting and publishing content…

searching, installing and tweaking plugins (and hoping the developer keeps them updated and secure.)

Then you have to learn how edit and position your Amazon ads for maximum exposure and clicks…

… and figure out how to optimize your website for Google. That’s a TON of work.

And besides, who has time for that?

As you saw at the start of this page, it would cost you $1173+ to have one built for you!

That’s why people love WP Dollar…

Because WP Dollar 3.0 doesn’t just automate the whole set up and save you a huge amount of time and a lot of money...

… but it can actually make you money too.

Customer Jim installed it & made
$100+ in less than 24 hours!

Over the years, WP Dollar has continued to grow and has helped thousands of people – from total rookie through to seasoned pro – to finally making money with Amazon…

Remember, this is version 3 of our proven, trid and tested DYNAMITE Plugin. Look at what our customers have to say:

And WP Dollar 3 is right up to date

… designed to work with all the changes at Google, Facebook and Amazon…

… so you can join an army of people who are making real money on Amazon using WP Dollar right now.

And the sweet part is…

You don’t need to be a “traffic expert” to start making money…

WP Dollar 3 is deliberately designed to get all the hands-free, traffic you need, thanks to its’ built in SEO features.

Here’s how:

Instead of creating content around a subject such as “running tips”…

… WP Dollar automatically loads your website with buyer focused content that’s directly related to products you’re promoting.

This “buyer focused” content has far less competition…

… and is designed to attract FREE, TARGETED buyers to your website from Google.

And that’s why…

We don’t care if you’re brand new, busy or have the attention span of a teenager in history class! (You can do this…)

Because WP Dollar 3 handles the hard work for you. Which means…

  • You don’t need any technical skills or staff
  • You don’t need to research and pick out products to sell
  • You don’t need to create endless content
  • You don’t need to write fake reviews

WP Dollar 3 takes care of everything…

If you don’t agree that WP Dollar is the best Amazon plugin you have ever seen, you can have your money back!

Look, there are lots of Amazon plugins and store builders out there, but nothing comes close to WP Dollar 3’s unique features including…

  • Automatic content creation
  • Push button ads
  • Mobile Amazon storees
  • SEO friendly features
  • Beautiful themes
  • Facebook store builder
  • Available in any Amazon supported country
  • Analytics and so much more…

But don’t just take our word for it.

Give it a test-drive for an entire 30 days and if you don’t agree that WP Dollar 3 is the easiest path to Amazon affiliate income, you can have your money back.

So the question is…

What’s an Amazon income worth to you?

If you buy separate SEO tools, content curation tools, analytics tools, or fancy themes, you could easily spend $200 - $300 today.

And you would still need to configure, edit and learn how to use each one… and hope they don’t fall apart on you.

But with WP Dollar 3, there’s no need, because every tool you need is built right into WP Dollar 3…

… it's like about 5 plugins in one....and it even comes with a dedicated theme.

And of course, it’s updated regularly and comes with full support, all year round.

If you only build 1 new store per day, and each store only makes you $20 per week…

… here's the kind of income you could be making with WP Dollar…

Numbers of stores
you created
Total weekly
Total monthly
1 $20 $80
2 $100 $240
3 $160 $400
4 $180 $720

And unlike a developer, we
won't charge you $1173

… just plug in, choose your ads and niche, click a few buttons and checkboxes and sit back, letting WP Dollar 3.0handle all the content curation, SEO gruntwork and social media legwork…

… so you can enjoy the passive free traffic from Google.

But without spending all your time chasing unreliable outsourcers

And just think…

We built one in 5 MINUTES...

... how many you can build
in a few days?

If you think an SEO optimized, product focused, buyer targeted, social media integrated, conversion optimized blog or Amazon store can’t make you $20 measly bucks per week…

…then you’ve been lied to and deliberately discouraged for too long. In fact, we are seriously low-balling the numbers here. Chances are, with just a couple of WP Dollar built stores…

… you could easily make ten times this amount each month, before you ever touch the advanced stuff.

Heck, just look at JIM who banked $100+ in his first 24 hours… and that’s with our OLD plugin!

And if you’ve already got an existing blog or store, the results could come even bigger and faster.

So, why wait?

There is absolutely NO RISK to you when you pick up WP Dollar 3.0 today.

We are only happy if our customers are happy, and we want you to buy in confidence. For that reason, if at any time within 30 days of your purchase you are not lovin' WP Dollar 3.0, just let us know and we'll refund you right away. You have nothing to lose by getting in now- we have removed all risk.

Grab WP Dollar3.0 Now…

Get Instant Access to WP Dollar 3.0 NOW!

But why would we give this away, at any price?

The truth is, Amazon is packed with so many niches and money-making opportunities, there’s plenty of room for everyone to join the party…

… and it won’t affect us, or any of our thousands of customers one bit.

There is room for everyone, and we love putting amazing tools like WP Dollar 3.0in our customers hands.

So, why wait?

Every day you ignore this, is another day of money lost. Some Amazon Associates are making hundreds, others are making thousands of dollars per day…

… and with WP Dollar 3, you can do the same, with less technical barriers than ever before. You can even set these up for clients!

But you must hurry, because the price is almost certainly set to rise rapidly during and after this launch. We know because we sold 1000’s of copies of WP Dollar 1.0 and we sold 1000’s of copies of WP Dollar 2.0.

Order now to lock in the lowest possible price, before it’s too late…

Once our launch ends, the price is going up to $67...todays price is the lowest you will ever get this for.

So, Are you ready?

Are you ready to bypass the endless weeks of website design, hunting for themes, custom coding Amazon ads, screwing around with plugins, and churning out backbreaking content every single day?

Are you ready to turn your existing blogs and stores into the money makers they truly deserve to be?

Are you ready to save hundreds of dollars on pointless plugins and tools that aren’t reliable or updated and that you don’t really need?

Are you ready to save thousands of dollars on overcomplicated training that you don’t actually need when you have the automation tools we're offering you today?

Are you ready to put your income on track, ditch the old and tired methods that keep failing you…

… and finally give yourself the freedom and income you desperately need to live the life you deserve?

Then we are sure you’ll make the right decision!

Get Instant Access to WP Dollar 3.0 NOW!

Thanks for stopping by.

See you on the other side.

Dirk Wagner

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

How quickly can I make money with this?

Well, we can’t make any promises because it depends how quickly Google starts sending you buyer targeted traffic, but if you really want to speed up your traffic, We recommend kick-starting the process with YouTube. Thousands of people are searching for product reviews, unboxing videos and deals on YouTube every day, so a few YouTube videos can easily kick start your traffic, bringing people back to your store or blog for more information, reviews and deals after they watch your video, and have you making money faster than ever.

This sounds too good to be true. What’s the catch?

There really is no catch. Amazon is probably the biggest opportunity to make money in the world right now, especially for affiliates, and there’s just so much money to go around. This plugin simply automates the boring, difficult stuff so you can focus on building your store empire or monetizing your blogs.

Do I need any other “hidden” tools?

Absolutely not. Everything you’re getting today is all you need to start raking in traffic and easy Amazon commissions with your own blog, a brand new website or your own full-blown Amazon store.

How much money can I REALLY make with this? I heard Amazon sucks for low commission pay outs.

It’s true. Amazon doesn’t pay out a big percentage per sale, but it makes up for it in sheer volume of potential buyers. Millions of daily transactions take place on Amazon each day and most are from Associates like you and me. With just a handful or stores or blogs, and with the power of WP Dollar 3 by your side, there’s absolutely no reason why you can’t generate a serious daily income as an Amazon associate, starting today.

Every effort has been made to accurately represent our product and it's potential. Any claims made of actual earnings or examples of actual results can be verified upon request. The testimonials and examples used are exceptional results, and don't apply to the average purchaser and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. Each individual's success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire and motivation. As with any business endeavour, there is an inherent risk of loss of capital and there is no guarantee that you will earn any money

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